Julia Ain-Krupa: Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile

Julia Ain-Krupa: Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile
Publisher: Praeger (2009)
ISBN: 9780313377808
Pages: 179|pdf|1mb


Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile is a revealing look at this acclaimed filmmaker, whose life in exile seems to have made his films all the more personal and powerful.
Written by a noted film critic and lifelong friend, this insightful book follows Polanski's story from his childhood in a World War II Jewish ghetto, to his early films in Poland; from his American breakout, Rosemary's Baby, to his wife's murder by the Manson family; from the spectacular return of Chinatown, to his exile as a convicted sex criminal, to the monumental career peak, The Pianist. The Holocaust, the oppression of communism, the shattering of the swinging 60s, the decadence of Hollywood, the life of a fugitive-Polanski experienced all of these firsthand, and understanding those experiences provides a fascinating pathway through his work.


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